BookLovers of Bath

Beautiful books for beautiful people...

At Your Peril - Hugh Cudlipp

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1962, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Books and Myself: Memoirs of an Editor - J. A. Hammerton

MacDonald & Co., 1944, Hardback £9.80

Boosey and Hawkes: The Publishing Story - Helen Wallace

Boosey & Hawkes, 2007, Paperback £13.30

By Pen and by Spade: An Anthology of Garden Writing from Hortus - Edited by David Wheeler

Stroud: Alan Sutton, 1990, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

Cultural Life in the Federal Republic of Germancy - Detlev Moos; Thomas Piltz; Stefan Elsberger;

Inter Nationes Bonn, 1993, Paperback £11.80

Driven by Steam - Ian Allan

Shepperton: Ian Allan, 1992, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

English Illustrated Books for Children: A Descriptive Companion to a Selection from the Osborne Collection - Edited by Margaret Crawford Maloney

Tokyo; London, Sydney & Toronto: Holp Shuppan; The Bodley Head, 1981, Hardback in Slip Case £28.30

Folio 50: A Bibliography of the Folio Society - Paul W. Nash

London: The Folio Society, 1997, Hardback in Slip Case £16.70

Home Truths: Life around My Father - Penny Junor

London: HarperCollins, 2002, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.30

Jew Made in England - Anthony Blond

London: Timewell Press, 2004, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Long Life - Nigel Nicolson

G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Media Directory 2006: The Essential Handbook - Edited by Chris Alden

Guardian Books, 2005, Paperback £11.35

Michael Joseph: Master of Words - Richard Joseph

Ashford Press Publishing, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Michael Joseph: Master of Words - Richard Joseph

Southampton: Ashford Press Publishing, 1986, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Northcliffe: Press Baron in Politics 1965-1922 - J. Lee Thompson

London: John Murray, 2000, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

Not Many Dead: Journal of a Year in Fleet Street - Nicholas Garland

London, Sydney, Auckland & Johannesburg: Hutchinson, 1990, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Religion and the Book in Early Modern England: The Making of John Foxe's 'Book of Martyrs' - Elizabeth Evenden & Thomas S. Freeman

Cambridge University Press, 2011, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £48.30

Self-Publishing for the Freelance - Nik Chmiel

London: BFP Books, 1995, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Small Press Guide 1998 - Kevin Brown

Writers Workshop, 1997, Paperback £13.30

T. S. Eliot - Peter Ackroyd

London: Hamish Hamilton, 1984, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.80

The Crisis For Western Political Economy - Peter Jay

André Deutsch [Andre Deutsch], 1984, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

The House of Warne: One Hundred Years of Publishing - Arthur King & A. F. Stuart

London & New York: Frederick Warne & Co., 1965, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.80

The Lyttelton Hart-Davis Letters: Correspondence of George Lyttelton and Rupert Hart-Davis 1955-56 - Edited By Rupert Hart-Davis

London: John Murray, 1978, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.80

The Murdoch Archipelago - Bruce Page in collaboration with Elaine Potter

London: Simon & Schuster, 2003, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.35

The Oxford University Press and the Spread of Learning 1478 - 1978 An Illustrated History - Nicholas Barker

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1979, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £14.80

The Profession of the Playwright: British Theatre 1800-1900 - John Russell Stephens

Cambridge, New York, Port Chester, Melbourne & Sydney: Cambridge University Press, 1992, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

The Typographical Association: Origins and History Up to 1949 - A. E. [Albert Edward] Musson

Geoffrey Cumberlege, 1954, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.30

Voice of Britain: The Inside Story of the Daily Express - Robert Allen; John Frost;

Patrick Stephens, 1983, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Word and World: The Story of the English Bible and the Spreading of Christian Literature throughout the World - Donald Coggan

London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1971, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80