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A History of London Life - R. J. (Rosamund Joscelyne) Mitchell & M. D. R. (Mary Dorothy Rose) Leys

London, New York & Toronto: Longmans, Green & Co., 1958, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

A Modern Introduction To Psychology - Rex Knight & Margaret Knight

University Tutorial Press, 1961, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

A Physiological Approach to the Lower Animals - J. A. Ramsay

C.U.P., 1952, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Animal Populations - T. O. Browning

London: Hutchinson, 1963, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Behaviour Modification for People with Mental Handicaps - Edited by William Yule & Janet Carr

Chapman & Hall, 1992, Paperback £11.80

Beyond Toddlerdom: Keeping Five To Twelve-Year-Olds on The Rails - Christopher Green

Vermilion, 2007, Paperback £9.80

Bring 'em Back Alive - Frank Buck with Edward Anthony

London: Victor Gollancz, 1931, Hardback £33.30

British Birds in Their Haunts: edited & revised by W. B. Alexander - C. A. (Charles Alexander) Johns

London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1948, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.80

Collins Guide to Animal Tracks and Signs: The Tracks and Signs of British and European Mammals and Birds - Preben Bang

London: Collins, 1974, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £33.30

Counselling in Religion and Psychiatry - Desmong Pond

Oxford University Press, 1973, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £10.80

Dancing to Different Tunes: Sexuality and Its Misconceptions - Ethna Viney

Belfast: The Blackstaff Press, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Dog Training and Behaviour - Geoff Grinham

The Crowood Press, 1994, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £19.80

Dyslexia: An Appraisal of Current Knowledge - Arthur L. Benton; David Pearl;

Oxford University Press, 1978, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Economic Anthropology - Stuart Plattner

Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1989, Paperback £9.80

Explanation and Power: The Control of Human Behaviour - Morse Peckham

The Seabury Press, 1979, Paperback (Uncorrected Proof) £15.80

Feminist Counselling in Action - Jocelyn Chaplin

Sage Publications, 1988, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £53.30

From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology - H. H. Gerth & C. Wright Mills

London, Boston, Melbourne & Henley: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1985, Paperback £15.80

How to Study Birds - Stuart Smith

London: Collins, 1945, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

If a Lion Could Talk: How Animals Think - Stephen Budiansky

London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism - Benedict Anderson

London & New York: Verso, 1991, Paperback £11.80

In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America's Best-Run Companies - Thomas J. Peters & Robert H. Waterman

Harper & Row, 1982, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

In the Land of the Lion - Cherry Kearton

London: Arrowsmith, 1929, Hardback £11.80

In the Middle of This Road We Call Our Life: The Courage to Search for Something More - James W. Jones

Thorsons, 1995, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Information Warfare: How To Survive Cyber Attacks - Michael Erbschloe

Osborne / McGraw-Hill, 2001, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

King Solomon's Ring: New Light on Animal Ways - Konrad Z. Lorenz

London: Methuen & Co., 1952, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Knowledge Management and Organizational Competence - Edited by Ron Sanchez

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003, Paperback £23.30

Konrad Lorenz - Alec Nisbett

London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1976, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Lectures on Diseases of Children - Sir Robert Hutchison & Alan Moncrieff

London: Edward Arnold, 1948, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Living with a House Rabbit - Linda Dykes; Helen Flack;

Ringpress, 2003, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.80

Made to Stick: Why some Ideas Take Hold and Others Come Unstuck - Chip Heath & Dan Heath

London: Random House, 2007, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Manual of Modern Manners: A Practical Up-to-date Guide for All Occasions - Judith Listowel

London: Odhams Press, 1959, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.30

Mental Retardation and Behavioural Research - A. D. B. (Alan Douglas Benson) Clarke & A. M. (Ann Margaret) Clarke

Edinburgh & London: Churchill Livingstone, 1973, Hardback (Laminated Boards) £13.30

Mind, Body & Soul: A Guide to Living with Cancer - Nancy Hassett Dahm

New York: Taylor Hill Publishing, 2000, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

Modern Organizations: Organization Studies in the Postmodern World - Stewart R. Clegg

Sage, 1990, Paperback £9.80

Morning, Noon and Night in London - Sacheverell Sitwell

London: Macmillan & Co., 1948, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £15.80

New Mindscapes in Consumption & Communication - Pascale Weil

Schiedam: Scriptum Management, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.30

New Rules for the New World - Eddie Obeng

Capstone, 1997, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Organizations - James G. March & Herbert A. Simon with the collaboration of Harold Guetzkow

New York, London & Sydney: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1966, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £33.30

Osteopathy for Children - Elizabeth C. Hayden

Elizabeth C. Hayden, 2000, Paperback £9.80

Peculiarities of Behavior: Wandering Mania, Dipsomania, Cleptomania, Pyromania and Allied Impulsive Acts; Authorised English Version by James S. van Teslaar. - Wilhelm Stekel

London: Vision, 1955, Hardback £26.70

Planned Beef Production - Stephen Williams & C. David Edgar

London: Crosby Lockwood & Son, 1966, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

Politics UK 3rd Edition - Bill Jones; Andrew Gray; Dennis Kavanagh; Michael Moran; Philip Norton; Anthony Seldon;

Prentice Hall, 1998, Paperback £29.85

Principles of Agricultural Economics: Markets and Prices in Less Developed Countries - David Colman; Trevor Young;

Cambridge University Press, 1995, Paperback £43.30

Progress in Behavior Modification: Volume 23 1988 - Edited by Michel Hersen, Richard M. Eisler & Peter M. Miller

Newbury Park, London & New Delhi: Sage Publications, Inc., 1988, Hardback £13.30

Psychology and the Teacher - Dennis Child

Holt Rhiehart & Winston, 1973, Paperback £9.80

Putting It Across - Angela Heylin

London: Michael Joseph, 1991, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Sanctuary - C. S. Stokes

Cape Town: The Sanctuary Production Committee, 1946, Hardback £14.80

Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation - Kees van der Heijden

Chichester, New York, Brisbane, Toronto & Singapore: John Wiley & Sons, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £21.80

Sexual Abuse and Consensual Sex: Women's Developmental Patterns and Outcomes - Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, Michael D. Newcomb & Monika H. Riederle

Newbury Park, London & New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1993, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £33.30

Sexual Cultures and Migration in the Era of AIDS: Anthropological and Demographic Perspectives - Edited by Gilbert Herdt

Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £18.30

Sharks - Christopher Maynard

Walker, 1997, Hardback (Spiral Bound) £9.80

Shooting Pigeons - John Humphreys

Newton Abbot, London & North Pomfret: David & Charles, 1988, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art - Edited by Timothy Clark, C. Andrew Gerstle, Aki Ishigami & Akiko Yano

London: The British Museum Press, 2014, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £175.00

Six Action Shoes - Edward De Bono

HarperCollins, 1992, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Solving People-problems - Peter Honey

London: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1980, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

Soviet Risk-taking and Crisis Behavior: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis - Hannes Adomeit

London, Boston & Sydney: George Allen & Unwin, 1982, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £33.30

Structure and Fabric Part 1 - Jack Stroud Foster

B. T. Batsford, 1991, Paperback £9.80

Studies in the Psychology of Sex: Complete in II Volumes - Havelock Ellis

New York: Random House, 1936, Hardback £40.00

The Authentic Gospel of Jesus - Geza Vermes

London: Allen Lane, 2003, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

The Breeding Birds of Europe: A Photographic Handbook: Divers to Auks with Sandgrouse to Crows (2 Volumes) - Manfred Pforr & Alfred Limbrunner

London: Croom Helm, 1981, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £30.00

The British Journal of Crimonology Volume 45 Number 6 November 2005 - Geoffrey Pearson

Oxford University Press, 2005, Paperback £23.30

The Complete Carp Angler - Andy Little

The Crowood Press, 1992, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £19.80

The Crowd in Rome in the Late Republic - Fergus Millar

Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £23.30

The First Lady Chatterley: The First Version of Lady Chatterley's Lover - D. H. Lawrence

London: Heinemann, 1978, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.30

The Lardner Report - Rex Lardner

Cassell & Co., 1962, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.80

The Madwoman's Underclothes: Essays and Occasional Writings 1968-1985 - Germaine Greer

London: Picador, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

The Negotiating Game - Chester L. Karrass

New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1970, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

The Psychology and Teaching of Reading - Fred J. Schonell

Oliver & Boyd, 1949, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

The Psychology of Human Being - D. B. Bromley

Penguin, 1978, Paperback £9.80

The Secret Life of Your Cat: Unlock the Mysteries of Your Cat's Behaviour - Vicky Halls

London: Hamlyn, 2010, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80

The Wizard and the Warrior: Leading with Passion and Power - Lee G. Bolman; Terrence E. Deal;

Jossey-Bass, 2006, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £14.80

Theories of Social Change: A Critical Appraisal - Raymond Boudon

Cambridge: Polity Press, 1991, Paperback £14.80

Trapping Wild Animals in Malay Jungles - Charles Mayer

London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1923, Hardback £19.80

Zoo Quest to Guiana - David Attenborough

London: The Travel Book Club, 1956, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.80