BookLovers of Bath

Second hand books: Health Yoga

25 Natural Ways to Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome - James Scala

Los Angeles: Keats Publishing, Paperback, 2000, Paperback £7.50

A Cottage Herbal - Elizabeth Cullum

David & Charles, Hardback, 1975, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

A Text-Book of Surgery for Dental Students - G. Percival Mills; Humphrey Humphreys;

Edward Arnold & Co, Hardback, 1923, Hardback £11.00

About Yoga: The Complete Philosophy - Harvey Day

Thorsons Publishers, Hardback, 1951, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.00

Acupuncture Imaging Perceiving the Energy of the Body: A Guide For Practitioners and Other Patients - Mark Seem

Healing Arts Press, Hardback, 1990, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £21.00

Acupuncture: Its Place in Western Medical Science An Introduction to, and an Explanation of, this Eastern System of Medicine - G. T. Lewith

Thorsons, Paperback, 1983, Paperback £7.50

Advances in the Care of the Mentally Handicapped - H. C. Gunzburg

London: British Society for the Study of Mental Subnormality, Hardback, 1973, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.00

Adventure Into The Unconscious - John Custance

Christopher Johnson, Hardback, 1954, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £31.00

Art Therapies - Daniel Brown

HarperCollins, Paperback, 1997, Paperback £7.50

Banish Your Belly: The Ultimate Guide for Achieving a Lean, Strong Body: Now - Kenton Robinson

Rodale, Paperback, 1997, Paperback £7.50

Birth at Home - Sheila Kitzinger

Oxford University Press, Hardback, 1979, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

Body Treatments and Dietetics for the Beauty Therapist - Ann Gallant

Stanley Thornes, Paperback, 1994, Paperback £9.50

Coping with Stress - Donald Meichenbaum

Century, Hardback, 1983, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Cures and Remedies: The Country Way - Robin Page

Davis-Poynter, Hardback, 1978, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Dieting Makes You Fat: A Guide to Energy, Fitness and Health - Geoffrey Cannon; Hetty Einzig;

Century, Hardback, 1983, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Direct Work with Children - Shiela Martel

Bedford Square Press, Paperback, 1981, Paperback £9.50

Direct Work With Families - Joshua Miller; Tim Cook;

Bedford Square Press, Paperback, 1981, Paperback £9.50

Eat Fat - Richard Klein

Picador, Hardback, 1997, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Eating for Peak Performance - Rosemary Stanton

unwin, Paperback, 1988, Paperback £9.50

Facilitating Change in Mental Health - Bill Lemmer; Martin Smits;

Nelson Thornes, Paperback, 1989, Paperback £16.00

Fighting Heart Disease - David N Matthews

Blackwell Scientific, Hardback, 1990, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £10.50

Healing by the Spirit - Ivan Cooke

The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Hardback, 1976, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £8.50

Health And Cultures: Exploring the Relationships Volume I - Ralph Masi; Lynette Mensah; Keith A. Mcleod;

Mosaic Press, Paperback, 1995, Paperback £19.50

Health Building: The Conscious Art of Living Well - Randolph Stone

Sebastopol: CRCS Publications, Paperback, 1985, Paperback £7.50

How to Use Homoeopathy: A Comprehensive Instruction Book - Christopher Hammond

Caritas Healthcare, Paperback, 1988, Paperback £16.00

Integrative Medicine: Achieving Wellness Through the Best of Eastern and Western Medical Practices - Kathleen F. Phalen

Boston & Tokyo: Journey Editions, Hardback, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

Japanese Acupuncture - Mme. Dr. M. Hashimoto

New York: Liveright Publishing Corporation, Hardback, 1968, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.00

Living Along With Heart Disease - Louis Levin

The Macmillan Co, Hardback, 1935, Hardback £7.50

Natural Remedies from the Chinese Cupboard: Healing Foods and Herbs - Fang Jing Pei

New York & Tokyo: Weatherhill, Paperback, 1998, Paperback £7.50

Old Age: A Register of Social Research 1982-84 - Hilary Todd

Centre For Policy on Ageing, Paperback, 1985, Paperback £8.50

Osteopathy for Children - Elizabeth C. Hayden

Elizabeth C. Hayden, Paperback, 2000, Paperback £7.50

Radionics: Interface with the Ether Fields - David V. Tansley

Holsworthy: Health Science Press, Paperback, 1975, Paperback £7.50

Repressed Memories: A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse - Renee Fredrickson

Simon & Schuster, Paperback, 1992, Paperback £8.50

Slimming: An Oriental Approach with Contributions by Tom Ravensdale and Seymour Chissick - Soraya [Soraya Ravensdale]

Edinburgh: John Bartholomew & Son Limited, Hardback, 1973, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

Sphurana: The Yoga Practice of Atma Vichara, Its Context and Method - Derek Thorne

Bath: Yogaliving, Paperback, 2005, Paperback £9.50

Swimming For The Disabled - ANON

E. P. Publishing, Paperback, 1981, Paperback £9.50

The Back Book: The Owner's Guide to Spinal Problems - R.A Pauc

Charles Skilton, Hardback, 1987, Hardback £31.00

The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy - Christine Wildwood

London: Bloomsbury, Hardback, 1996, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £9.50

The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan: Reclaim Health, Regain Strength, Live Longer - Carolyn M. Kaelin

McGraw-Hill, Paperback, 2007, Paperback £7.50

The Common Cold - ANON.

Science of Life Books, Paperback, 1980, Paperback £16.00

The Encyclopedia of Concentrated Aphrodisiacs - William H. Lee & Lynn Lee

Instant Improvements Inc, Hardback, 1994, Hardback £7.50

The Exercise Bible: The Definitive Guide to Total Body Health and Wellbeing - Joanna Hall

Kyle Cathie, Hardback, 2002, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £12.50

The Family Guide to Alternative Health Care - Patrick Pietroni

Bramley, Paperback, 1996, Paperback £9.50

The Food Bible - Judith Wills

Quadrille, Hardback, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £14.00

The Food Scandal - Caroline Walker; Geoffrey Cannon;

Century, Hardback, 1984, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £16.00

The Gate of Healing - Ian Pearce

Neville Spearman, Hardback, 1983, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £11.00

The Hale Clinic Guide to Good Health: How to Choose the Right Complementary Therapy - Teresa Hale

Woodstock: The Overlook Press, Hardback, 1998, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £13.00

The Health and Fitness Book - Edited by Miriam Polunin

Windward / Here's Health, Hardback, 1981, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

The Health of Nations: Why Inequality Is Harmful to Your Health - Ichiro Kawachi & Bruce P. Kennedy

New York: The New Press, Hardback, 2002, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

The Nation's Health - Professor J. M. Mackintosh

The Pilot Press, Hardback, 1944, Hardback £11.00

The Pregnancy Question & Answer Book - Christoph Lees; Karina Reynolds; Graiine McCartan;

Dorling Kindersley, Paperback, 2000, Paperback £7.50

The Rise And Fall Of Managed Care - Richard Dean Smith

Wyndham Hall Press, Paperback, 2001, Paperback £9.50

The Seven Keys to Colour Healing: A Complete Outline of the Practice - Roland Hunt

The C. W. Daniel Company, Hardback, 1958, Hardback £16.00

The Sugar Solution: Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally To Beat Disease, Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great - Edited by Sarν Harrar & Julia VanTine

Rodale, Hardback, 2004, Hardback £7.50

Three Steps Towards an Improved NHS • Information • Communication • Co-Operation • First National Combined Conference on Pain and Distress - Edited Jackie Gingell

Liz Nelson, Paperback, 1992, Paperback £26.00

Will to be Well: The Real Alternative Medicine - Neville Hodgkinson

London, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland & Johannesburg: Hutchinson, Hardback, 1985, Hardback in Dust Wrapper £7.50

World Drug Report - ANON

Oxford University Press, Hardback, 1997, Hardback £9.50