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The Dogs Of War - Frederick Forsyth

Hutchinson & Co Lt, 1974, Hardback ..
Condition: Good.

CLEARANCE OFFER - EXPIRES: 13 November 2009 The world of the mercenary soldier, which has fascinated Frederick Forsyth since he reported the Biafra war, forms the background of his third great novel. In the foreground a fast moving story investigates some little-known and sinister corners of other activities - mining, high finance, banking and the secret world of arms dealing. The machinations of Sir James Manson, ruthless head of a London-based mining concern, involve a plot to overthrow the Government of a remote African republic and eliminate its dictator. Manson's motives are far from altruistic, and word of his firm's mineral discoveries leaks to the Russians. While ' Cat' Shannon, the mercenary leader recruited by Manson, is getting together his force, the Russians press ahead with their plans. Step by step, Forsyth takes us round Europe - from Paris to Ostend to Marseilles - where the mercenaries are recruited ; from Berne to Brugge where the undercover financial deals are set up ; from Germany to Italy, Spain and Yugoslavia where the arms are bought, and a ship commissioned to transport the men and their equipment. The excitement gains momentum with every page until the climax of a pitched battle for the African president's palace. Its outcome, ironically different from that planned by the plotters, gives an added dimension to the third and greatest Frederick Forsyth's novels.

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