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Resurrecting Salvador - Jeremy Dronfield

Headline, 1999, Paperback ..
Condition: Near Fine.

From the cover: “As a quartet, they lived in relative harmony, despite their differences in temperament and outlook. Rachel’s dreamy goodness clashed with Audrey’s waspish cynicism, but Beth’s common sense and Lydia’s soothing beauty always seemed to balance everything in the end. Then Salvador came. Salvador de La Simarde, child prodigy grown up bad, and perhaps the finest classical guitarist of his generation. With his dark beauty and distracted air, they couldn’t help but be drawn to him. But for Lydia, that would mean being drawn into the dark and strange world of his family. A world dominated by the Chateau de Gondecourt, now a haunted ruin, and its eerie simulacrum resurrected on Dartmoor, places where ancient dreams have turned into Gothic nightmares, and where the terrifying matriarch Madame de La Simarde still spins her intricate webs. Webs that are about to ensnare Lydia, and her friends, in their sinister strands...”