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Commodore 64: Exploring Graphics - S. Gray; M. D. Holmes;

Glentop Publishers, 1985, Paperback ..
Condition: Very Good. Gently rubbed at the edges of the spine and wrappers.

No. 2 in the series. First in this, paperback, edition. From the cover: “This book teaches the reader how to use the Commodore 64’s graphics features. It assumes that the reader is already fairly competent in BASIC programming. Each new principle is introduced step by step, beginning with PEEK and POKE (Chapter One) and ending with sprite collision routines (Chapter Five). On the way, the reader explores bit-map mode, multicolour bit-map mode, extended colour mode, character design and sprite design. At every stage the points are illustrated with clear, easy-to-follow examples. Four major programs are developed in the book: two games and two utilities. The first game is called ‘Breakout’, a bat and ball game used to illustrate the use of the Commodore’s screen and colour memory locations. The second game is called ‘Target’ and uses sprites to provide a challenging and tricky game. The two utilities, ‘Char.Gen’ and ‘sprite.Gen’ are used for designing characters and sprites respectively. Commodore 64 programmers will need only a little imagination to realise the vast potential that these tools offer.”
Size: 10¼" x 6¾"
Series: Watson's Workbooks
ISBN: 0907792502