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Legion of Thunder - Stan Nicholls

Gollancz, 2000, Paperback ..
Condition: Very Good.

Humans, if not exactly evil, are unwanted immigrants whose presence poisons this otherworld's wellsprings of magic. Book one saw orc commander Stryke's warband the Wolverines forced into conflict with practically everyone, leading to a quest for (as ever) five magic artifacts, and ending in multiple cliffhangers. Headlong action continues through Legion of Thunder, with the separated Wolverines splitting further to tackle impossible-seeming challenges while repeatedly threatened by minions of evil queen Jennesta, assorted bounty hunters, slave traders, kobolds, goblins, imps, sea-dwelling "nyadds", sorcerous automata, and religious fanatics with a fondness for smiting the heathen. Much vicious skirmishing ensues. Meanwhile Stryke continues to have strange--prophetic?--dreams of an orc utopia. A mysteriously appearing and disappearing personage called Serapheim hopes to direct events for reasons of his own. And the magical "instrumentalities" so far collected are singing a seductive mindsong to which it may be unwise to listen. 288pp.

ISBN: 1857985605

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