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How to Become a Millionaire: It Really Could Be You! - Jim Slater; Tom Stevenson;

Texere, 2000, Hardback ..
Condition: Very Good.

CLEARANCE OFFER - EXPIRES: 16 November 2009 How To Become a Millionaire is the fourth in his series of books demystifying investment and the acquisition of riches for small investors. And there is an evangelistic zeal and irresistible sense of fun about the whole process--Slater hates to see people not making the most of their money and he wants to share his secrets. And though he wants you to get rich, he makes no pretence about getting rich quick. If this is your fantasy there are plenty of other publications to indulge it, he says pointedly. This is get-rich-slow, in fact. There are no magic formulas or high-risk strategies and, as far as possible, Slater and former Independent City Editor Tom Stevenson steer clear of mind-bending maths. You will discover a point-by-point personal strategy for maximising the return on your savings, eliminating wasteful investments and harnessing compound interest to turn your small nest egg into a future million. And if that all seems simple… it is. Slater's is a twin-pronged strategy of capitalising on the steady growth in property and the stock market, as you buy your home--and then use your mortgage payments to invest in tax-shielded ISAs.The authors offer a selection of models--for the risk-averse and the daring alike. Choose your level of risk, then, as property and share prices reliably outstrip inflation, watch your investments compound and grow. 205pp.

ISBN: 1587990296

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