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Trixie Trader - Helen Dunne

Orion, 2001, Paperback ..
Condition: Near Fine.

If you thought the lives of the high-finance city boys were decadent and devilish, prepare yourself for city girl Trixie Thompson-Smythe. Having earned the name "Trixie Trader" during her initial high-flying days as an investment banker, these days she's more interested in footwear than the FTSE. With a penchant for Prada and champagne cocktails, Trixie whiles away her days with four-hour lunches, mid-day entrances to work and debauched nights out at the Met bar with her best friend Julie. Unfortunately, all good things tend to come to an end as Trixie's excessive behaviour does not go unnoticed by her boss who gives her an ultimatum--in six weeks she either needs to shape up or move out!What's a girl to do? Trixie could try to get help from her colleagues, but regrettably she has not spoken to any of them since last year, well, apart from consistently insulting them. Her old flame, the office Lothario Sam, who makes it his life's work to taunt her, will be of no help. Things may not be all bleak though: the new UK head of bond sales, Ciaran--a dead ringer for Liam Neeson--has a few suggestions to get Trixie back on track. With the help of Ciaran; her office neighbour, Bloodhound, and her loyal but simple-minded housekeeper Lily, Trixie might just land on her feet.With more twists than a lemon martini, Trixie Trader offers an hilarious peek at the exciting world of trading. And if you enjoyed any of Kathy Lette's books (Ego, Foetal Attraction or Mad Cows) you will relish this. -- Neena Dutta288pp.

ISBN: 0752838075

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