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Hitler Lives - And The Generals Die - GALANTE, Pierre

Book Club Associates, 1982, Hardback ..
Condition: Good

Pierre Galante has based this dramatic book on extensive interviews with General Adolf Heusinger, Chief of the Operational Section of the Army Command, who was with Hitler in the briefing room when a bomb was detonated. He presents a fascinating account of the uneasy relationship between Hitler and his Nazi courtiers, and the aristocratic career officers of the General Staff. This feud had been established years before, in 1932, when Marshall Hindenburg was persuaded to invite Hitler into the government. While Hindenburg was the hero of Tannenberg, the very embodiment of German military tradition, Hitler, whom he referred to incorrectly as ' that Bohemian corporal' could never forget the experiences that he had suffered as a private soldier in the trenches of the First World War. Unease turned to contempt and hatred as the Service Chiefs watched Hitler's growing military ambitions embroil Germany in a catastrophic world war, and realised that the only solution was to rid themselves of their Fuhrer.

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