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The War between the Tates - Alison Lurie

Abacus, 1989, Paperback ..
Condition: Good. Cover a little grubby.

Other wars end eventually in victory, defeat , or exhaustion, but the war between men and women goes on forever. And the war between members of the Tate family is being fought between the generations as well as between the sexes. Not only is Erica Tate struggling to maintain her dignity, pride and self-esteem in the face of her husband's Brian affair with his adoring student Wendee; she is also trying to cope with their two children who have been transformed, as it overnight, from intelligent, affectionate Muffy and Jeffo into two rude, coarse, selfish, nasty, brutish and tall teenagers. Brian's sphere is elsewhere - teaching political science, writing The Book, and now, coping with the demands of two very different women.