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Empowerment: The Politics of Alternative Development John Friedma

Empowerment: The Politics of Alternative Development - John Friedmann

Cambridge & Oxford: Blackwell, 1992, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good. Previous owners' name to the upper wrapper verso.

Includes: Tables;

From the cover: “More than half the people of the world are poor, and their numbers are growing in rich and poor countries alike. Billions in foreign aid and private investment have done little to help. For the most part, they have benefited the classes and regions already integrated into the global economy, and left the poor to fend for themselves.

John Friedmann argues that development policies guided by mainstream economic doctrine hold small promise of a better life for the excluded majority. In his book he provides a theoretical foundation for an alternative approach to development, rooted in a politics of empowerment.

Poverty is seen here as a form of social, political and psychological disempowerment. The alternative development set out by the author seeks to restore the initiative to the disempowered sectors, communities and individuals. Taking the household as a strategic point of departure, he shows its economic, political, and social potential. Households are integrated in the wider social relations of production and politics, and it is the recovery by households of their own life spaces which is the vision that animates his discussion of poor peoples’ claims.

The increasing demand for development policies committed to inclusive democracy and socially and ecologically appropriate economic growth — as well as to equality for women, whose productive role in households is central — is evident in the proliferation of non-governmental development organizations throughout the world. Empowerment provides a morally informed framework for policies that may be embedded in the structures of mainstream development: out of the creative tension between them may come a viable future for the world’s poor.”

Jacket designed by Catherine Hopkins. Size: Trade Paperback (9" x 6"). (ix) 196 pages.
Empowerment: The Politics of Alternative Development John Friedma