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Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives Edited by Isabel O

Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives - Edited by Isabel Ortiz, Louise Moreira Daniels & Solmn Engilbertsdottit

New York: UNICEF Division of Policy and Practice, 2012, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

Contains: Charts; Graphs; Tables; References;

From the cover: “The 21st century starts with vast asymmetries for children in terms of income, access to food, water, health, education, housing, or employment for their families. Half of the world’s children are below the poverty line of $2 a day and suffer from multiple deprivations and violations to basic human rights. More than 22,000 children die each day, and most of their deaths are preventable.

The consequences of poverty and inequality are very significant for children. Children experience poverty differently from adults; they have specific and different needs. While an adult may fall into poverty temporarily, falling into poverty in childhood can last a lifetime — rarely does a child get a second chance at an education or a healthy start in life. Even short periods of food deprivation can impact children’s long-term development. If children do not receive adequate nutrition, they grow smaller in size and intellectual capacity, are more vulnerable to life-threatening diseases, perform worse in school, and ultimately, are less likely to be productive adults. Child poverty threatens not only the individual child, but is likely to be passed on to future generations, entrenching and even exacerbating inequality in society.

This volume presents some of the critical acknowledged voices to move a necessary equitable agenda forward. They argue for multidimensional poverty measurements, explain current trends on global poverty and inequality, and policies to redress them such as socially-responsive macroeconomic and sector policies, including social protection, good governance and human rights, as well as addressing systemic issues such as inequalities among and within countries.”

Size: Trade Paperback (9¼" x 6"). 269 pages.
Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives Edited by Isabel O