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Beyond the Hedge - Mairi Craw

Bloomington: AuthorHouse, 2005, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

Signed by the author on the first blank — unverified and reflected as such in the lack of premium. Contains: Black & white drawings;

From the cover: “Eleven-year-old Sandy Henderson lives a carefree life with her family in a quiet port on Scotland’s south-west coast, unaware that the parallel world of Sylvania lies beyond a huge hedge at the bottom of their overgrown garden. When her beloved cat, Leo, tumbles headlong into this enchanted land while they’re exploring an unfamiliar part of the orchard, Sandy embarks on a dangerous journey to bring him home again.

Accompanied by Jock, a handsome, swaggering crow, and Jamie, the Hendersons’ haughty Siamese cat, Sandy encounters a host of colourful characters including Pongo, the hairiest dog imaginable, Lorimer, an outrageous lobster, and Captain Pestilence Grimshaw who joins forces with Maligna the Harpie, whose sole preoccupation is the destruction of everything Sylvanians hold dear. Sandy discovers that Scottish fairy folk are witty, resourceful and tenacious, even when faced with evil on an unprecedented scale. Will she be in time to save Leo? And will Sandy ever see Scotland again?”

Illustrated by Johnny Milne. Size: C Format (8" x 5"). 403 pages.