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a Primer of Hypnosis: With Special Reference to Dentistry - S. Roy Smith

The British Society of Medical and Dental Hypnosis, 1977, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good. Errata slip pasted in at the title page.

From the cover: “Although this Primer was written ‘with special reference to dentistry’ much of the material, e. g. Induction Techniques, is equally applicable to the joint disciplines of Medicine and Dentistry: indeed induction techniques have been set out in some detail.

Throughout this short work it will be seen that pride of place has been given to the safeguarding of the patient’s interest; that the proper use of hypnosis will result in a patient who is completely conditioned to accept all forms of treatment, who cannot abuse his privileges and who cannot suffer abuse by a third party; this is brought about by the correct teaching of auto-hypnosis.

For the dental surgeon in particular the aim has been to provide him with a practical work to which he may refer from time to time. There is currently no textbook available in this country which deals adequately with chairside hypnosis in a practical manner. The induction of hypnosis is, in many cases, a relatively simple matter, but the ability to carry out all forms of treatment under hypnosis to the satisfaction of both operator and patient alike requires more know-how. This Primer sets out in detail the exact procedure that may be adopted from the time the patient is first seated in the chair until treatment is finished and it may be confidently claimed that any practitioner who has attended a basic course in hypnosis ought, with the aid of this book, to be capable of carrying out dental treatment under hypnosis.

More advanced techniques have been omitted for two reas6ns: firstly this treatise is not intended to be definitive and secondly it was thought inadvisable to include methods that might well produce a situation that could run counter to the best interests of the patient.

For similar reasons the importance has been stressed that the dental surgeon confines hypnosis to his own discipline.”

Size: C Format (8½" x 5¼"). 94 pages.

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