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War in the Gulf: From The Invasion of Kuwait to the Day of Victory and Beyond - Thomas B. Allen; F. Clifton Berry; Norman Polmar;

Time Warner, 1991, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good+. A little wear to the edges of the wraps, some fading of the upper panel near spine. Internally bright and clean.

Illustrated with colour photographs. From the cover: “Television viewers throughout the world saw the Persian Gulf War while it happened. War in the Gulf translates the immediacy of that televised war into the traditional form for recounting events: a book.

The idea for the book came from the Cable News Network, which provided the authors with CNN’s eyewitness record of the war. The strength of television news is its imagery; the weakness of television is its fleetingness. Images flash past, reporters’ words fade away. To preserve this perishable chronicle, CNN turned to a team of book writers. Their sources included the films and transcripts of CNN war coverage. They have made a narrative of instants of war.

Television coverage of the Persian Gulf War changed the face of war. No longer can war be an event faraway in time and place. Television made war immediate. That is part of the story of the Persian Gulf War. Reporting on the war means reporting about television.

The war, through television, was not something that happened over there, but something that happened now. Viewers in a score of nations saw their loved ones in a war while the war was being fought. American mothers and fathers saw sons and daughters at the moment a desert wind swept through a tent city, at the moment that tracers laced a far-off sky. Iraqis saw a Tomahawk missile skimming the Baghdad skyline — and television viewers simultaneously saw the Iraqis seeing the Tomahawk. These images within images spiralled on and on, each a moment that wiped out distance, leaving only time and feeling.”

Size: 11" x 8½". 240 pages.

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