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Marrow - Tiffanie Darke

Pocket, 2000, Paperback.
Condition: Near Fine.

Marrow is set in the kitchens of the testosterone-pumping London restaurant scene, where three Michelin stars represent the climax of a chef's career. Talking of climaxes, no sought-after restaurant would be complete without a live dish of the day-­a celebrity chef who roars, bullies, drinks and screws his way through the 18-hour day, six-day weeks that all those seeking the Michelin crown are forced to endure. In Seamus Bull, chef-owner of Marrow, a Notting-Hill restaurant where customers book five months ahead, Ms Darke has cooked up the ultimate in arrogant, obnoxious chefs who, nevertheless, turn out food to die for and look scrumptious enough to eat themselves. And with a rival called, what else, Emmanuel Coq (yes, this is a Coq and Bull story for foodies everywhere!), a portly, whining food critic called Rufus Ransome, known as Ruthless Rufus, and an It Girl with a Sunday supplement society gossip column called Henrietta Gross-Smythe (Oh! Tara, she's got you to a T!), Marrow is a culinary opus magnum to be consumed with relish. 384pp.


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