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Among the Missing - Richard Laymon

Headline, 1999, Paperback.
Condition: Very Good.

At 2:32 in the morning a Jaguar roars along a lonely road high in the California mountains. Behind the wheel sits a beautiful woman wearing only a skimpy, revealing nightgown. She's left her husband behind. She's after a different kind of man;someone as wild, daring, and passionate as herself. The man she wants is waiting for her…with wild plans of his own. The man waits patiently in the woods. When the woman stops to pick him up, he suggests they go to the Bend, where the river widens and there's a soft, sandy beach. With the stars overhead and moonlight on the water, it's an ideal place for love. But there will be no love tonight. In the morning a naked body will be found at the Bend. A body missing more than its clothes. And the man will be waiting for someone else. 320pp.


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