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Short Break Time!

Again, it's always touching for you to ask how my little break went.


I had a lovely time in Leeds. A really lovely place, although I am sure it has an underbelly I didn't see it, as I stayed at 42 The Calls courtesy of an acquaintance - I certainly couldn't afford to say there, couldn't really afford for them to park my car and you should have seem the bellhops face when I hadn't him the keys to my venerable, and rather scented, Vectra Estate complete with various bits of children's dribblings spattered about!


Test match was excellent, particularly proud of the stacking of the plastic beer mugs which seemed to keep a section of the crowd entertained for several hours. Of course, good to see another South African century...



I then took some time to go into Derbyshire at stay a rather more modest, but highly recommended, B&B called Crich Farm at Wessington. Also in the village is a lovely put that does top rate nosh... if you're staying in the area it's worth a visit.


I am rather new to fishing with the fly although I learnt as a boy at the feet of my grandfather, that's all a long time ago. So, having spent £30 per day on boats and god knows what on the largest selection of flies this side of a carcass in the Serengeti what, precisely, did I catch? Well, nothing... not a bloody thing. I could see the fish clearly, and I guess they could see me and were so cramped with laughter that they couldn't bite even if they had wanted to. Still, nice scenery and very relaxing time all in even if I did want to jump in with my pen knife and try and catch the little blighters in hand-to-hand combat (probably would have lost, there's some big fish in there!) so I had something to photograph!



And now, the idiot parts....


1/ When starting an outboard do not position your face where your hand is going to be when you try and pull the starter cord... a firm smack in the face is not the way to start the expedition.


2/ When finished with your knife remember to close it and put it back in the box. Otherwise, when you cast you might knock it off the seat, whereupon it falls blade down and cuts the line as you're casting. The result is a super cast, the problem being that you've no way of retrieving the 20' of line and fly...


3/ When approaching the edge of the lake, watch out for weed. Not only can it grab the prop of the engine it also masks mud banks which, were you stupid enough to do so, propels you at a stern rate of knots toward the front of the boat with your head at a remarkably dumb angle to the seats.


4/ When taking the boat out, remember to untie it - this avoids looking really stupid as you rev. the engine whilst gazing vacantly at the churning water and wondering why you're not going anywhere. Best not to do this twice, of course!





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