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Holiday Time

Thanks for asking, but I had a wonderful time travelling on my Honda 1000 Firestorm down to Santa Pola near Alicante, Spain for a weeks stay in Scott's Villa.



The scenery was stunning, especially the mountains. I have to say though, that France is clearly God's Own Country. Weather, roads, scenery, food, wine, towns and people were as delightful as I remember and if anyone has a small place near Limoges that I can buy for £50 then let me know... be there tomorrow! If you ever get the chance to take a big ride through France then do it! You will LOVE IT!


It wasn't all fun though... I got an allergic reaction to my new leathers which resulted in a great deal of pain, notably in the "nadger" department. This caused much amusement to the people on "touring bikes" with whom I joined the ferry... and those with whom I sat with! Nice, thanks for your concern!


I am now selling my firestorm as I have decided that it's a bit too raucous for me... and I've bought a boat so I don't have to wear those bloody leathers again! So, wanna buy a FSH, 15000 mile 1000cc, private-plated rocket? Give me a call, I'll even throw in some unused (of course!) cortisone cream and a rubber seat for the toilet!



Of course, in the course of my travels I managed to:


1/ Lose £150 of visor, tint-insert and visor belt

2/ Lose my UK Map disk for the sat-nav

3/ Get flashed 8 times by the speed cameras

4/ Have the worst meal of my life at a "look at the pictures" restaurant (when, oh when, will I ever learn?)

5/ Smash the original screen on the bike trying to fit the sat-nav which then proved entirely bloody useless

6/ Spend 3 hours riding round Barcelona looking for a cheap hotel, giving up and spending £90

7/ Wear out my back tyre

8/ Left my glasses in the hire car... which we then locked and put the keys in the box

9/ Get pulled after 3,000 miles at the first petrol station from the ferry for having race exhausts and an illegal number plate... bless the Great British Plod for the care and thought ;-)

10/ Not break the virginity of my sparkly new sliders... so out with the sander then!



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