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Sun's Out! Let's Garden!!!

Well, that's what the wife told me.

So, where we live (middle of a large village in the "old" Post Office we are surrounded by industrial buildings. To cover this up someone decided that the planting of Lelandi would be a good plan.

They were the best part of 40 feet tall and threatened to undermine the bypass or interfere with the Easyjets heading for Bristol in my view. So, a purchase.

A shiny new chainsaw.

The first tree, a small(ish) Laurel despatched with relative ease. The second, a half-dead Lelandi, offer even less resistance. The third, a robust looking fir-like chap was a little tougher... which brings me to the monster. 40 foot of glowering firness with four main trunks and roots that could crush sewers. Taking the cautious approach I picked them off, one by one. The last one, though, has a kind of kink throwing a large branch over our 10 foot wall and onto neighbouring property. Unperturbed I attached my 8 stone wife to a rope and told her to pull. My directional cut may have been a bit off... as was my wife as she was dragged, with smoking hands, into the chicken pen whilst the tree went straight over the wall and sort of lodged half in... half out of the garden.

A sane person would then have gone to the other side of the wall and proceeded to chop it into little bits. Not I. In full lumberjack style I leapt upon a ladder, onto the wall and proceeded to chainsaw it in half. As the cut passed mid-way it passed my mind that the tree, or bits of it, may move. Just at the point that the tree exacted sweet revenge. Snapping like a toothpick, the branch remaining on our side swang up, round and down... on my head. Knocking me, and the still spinning chainsaw clear off the wall. Luckily (or as I explained to my wife, a result of my Ninja training) I dropped the chainsaw in terror and closed my eyes as I headed toward the newly constructed fence.

As luck would have it, I missed. That said, the ground could have used a bit of turning over... bruised egos all round. And a rather battered body!

You can hire people to take your trees down. Next time I will. So without further ado, it's time to plant some bulbs. At least I should be safe doing that!

Between the Apple Blossom and the Water Plant Metabolism Herbaceous Garden Flora: A Guide to the Identification of More Than 1,000 Species of Herbaceous Perennials, Biennials, and Annuals Cultivated in British Gardens For Ornament The Illustrated Book of Garden Flowers: Illustrations by B. E. Nicholson from Specimens Mainly Selected by Michael Wallis Tender: Volume II A Cook's Guide to the Fruit Garden The Dairy Book of Home Management Decorating With Dried Flowers: Techniques, Equipment and Ideas for Arrangements, Posie and Festive Decorations The Secret Garden in Cross Stitch The Art Of Arranging Artificial Flowers Making Samplers The Art of Dried Flowers Creative Flower Arranging Pressed Flowers: Creating and Styling Making Pressed Flower Pictures Making Pressed Flower Pictures The Modern Art of Flower Arranging Nursery Rhymes in Cross Stitch The DMC Book of Cross Stitch and Counted Thread Work Wild Flowers in Cross Stitch Creative Flower Craft Carousel Horses in Cross Stitch Pressed Flowers: Creating and Styling Potpourris and Other Fragrant Delights Potpourris and Other Fragrant Delights Potpourris and Other Fragrant Delights How To Make Flowery Things The Complete Book of Dried Flowers Garden Trees Hilliers Manual Of Trees & Shrubs It's Not Easy Being Green: A Family's Journey Towards Eco-Friendly Living How to Be Green An Australian Wild Flower Book The Modern Art of Flower Arranging World Flowers Creative Flower Arranging A Flower Arranger's Guide to Showing The Garland Book Flower Art: Collecting, Arranging, Pressing and Drying Flowers Flowers with Style The Dried Flower Arranger's Year Pressed Flowers The Creative Guide to Flower Arranging Shakespeare's Flowers Creative Flower Arranging Drying Flowers Flower Arranging The Royal Horticultural Society Gardeners' Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers Create a Cottage Garden A Gentle Plea for Chaos The Bed and Border Planner Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them Homes & Gardens: A Year in the Garden The Lorette System of Pruning An Illustrated History of Gardening A-Z of Alpines and Water Plants Create Your Own Bonsai A Little History Of British Gardening The Grafter's Handbook The Practical Gardening Encyclopedia Garden Variety Hardy Perennials Down To Earth Gardening Amateur's Flower Garden The Room of Delight Clematis: The Complete Guide Geoff Hamilton: A Man And His Garden The Low Maintenance Garden: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Creating a Garden That Looks After Itself Large-leaved Perennials Beds and Borders The Flower Garden: Summer Flowers from Seed Blooming Small: City-dweller's Garden Bonsai for the Home and Garden Bonsai Bonsai Create Your Own Bonsai Pocket Bonsai The Bonsai Handbook Bonsai Successful Bonsai Growing Indoor Bonsai Indoor Bonsai Bonsai 101 Essential Tips: Bonsai Successful Bonsai Growing Indoor Bonsai The Ultimate Planting Guide Small Garden Planner The Essential Flower Gardening Encyclopedia The Illustrated Book of Garden Flowers: Illustrations by B. E. Nicholson from Specimens Mainly Selected by Michael Wallis African Violets and Related Plants Arthur Billitt's ABC of Fruit Growing Gardeners' World Fruit Garden The Lawn Expert The Propagation of Hardy Perennials Forty-Seven Roses Pride of Perth: The Story of Arthur Bell & Sons Scotch Whisky Distillers Great Britain: A Celebration English Water Gardens The Scented House The Scented House The Dairy Book of Home Management The Dairy Book of Home Management The Scented Room Collins Guide To Roses Simple Fruit Growing The Tulip British Plant Life The Natural History of Britain and Ireland Havens of the Wild Havens of the Wild The Urban Dweller's Wild Life Companion The Second Field Book of Country Queries The Countryside Around You Wildlife Begins at Home British Plant Life The Observer`s Book of Garden Flowers Western Cape Sandveld Flowers The Poetry of Flowers Our Hidden Lives: The Remakable Diaries of Post-War Britain 250 Choice Views illustrative of Sydney; Melbourne; Adelaide; Brisbane; Perth; Tasmania; with Panoramas West Country West Country Byway Motoring In Somerset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Parts Of Shropshire And Wiltshire Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall Explore Britains Country Gardens Where To Go, What To Do In The South: 500 Places To Visit In The Wet And Dry

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Books Just Added

A Secure Base: Clinical Applications of Attachment Theory ~ John Bowlby
Some Thoughts On the Organisation of Mountain Search and Rescue Operations with Notes On Mountain Rescue First Aid ~ Anthony S. G. Jones & Ieuan W. Jones
The Menace of Facism: What It Is and How to Fight It ~ Ted Grant
The Mystery of the Invisible Thief ~ Enid Blyton
Earing of Aluminium ~ J. C. Blade & G. E. G. Tucker
The Case of the Vagabond Virgin ~ Erle Stanley Gardner
Doctor's Folly ~ Sonia Deane
Destroy This Temple: The Voice of Black Power in Britain ~ Obi Egbuna

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