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This week's featured books

Save Energy! Turn Out The Lights!

Looks like we, here in good old Britain, may have little choice. We currently have the least spare capacity ever. So in the event of a station (power, that is) going off-line there may not be enough power to go around. That may not affect the head of British Gas and his third heated swimming pool but anyone relying on electric to heat or cook could well be in for a cold sandwich. In a cold dining room.

Of course, EeeOre have just been exposed (allegedly) using an interesting accounting practice that, whilst not illegal in any way, shape or form, involves lending money between their businesses at differing interest rates to lessen their tax burden.

All well and good, that's the nature of business to maximise returns for your shareholders. However, in light of their (the “big” 6 energy suppliers) recent bizarre performances in front of the committee of MPs investigating their egregious, and unusually simultaneous and similar, price rises with their claim of making 5% returns may require a dose of something.

In my case, a large cider.

I am looking forward to the forthcoming bills with pleasure. I have just opened a shop and in the interests of enabling customers (hah!) to actually see what I have to offer I thought I would have some lights. Oh, and a small heater. Looks like I shall have the first book shop operating by daylight only whereby customers are required to don Eskimo outfits to enter!

Hey, ho. So without further ado, my selection of books this time cover industry, power, power, power, politics and er, power. Of course, buying one of these means I can keep myself toasty!

The Churchill Years 1874 - 1965 Antony Fisher — Champion of Liberty The Enterprise Years: A Business Man in the Cabinet Father, Son, and Co. — My Life at IBM and Beyond Upwardly Mobile Upwardly Mobile Upwardly Mobile For Starters — The Business of Life A Pictorial History of Winston Churchill Autobiography Memoirs Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years Strange Places, Questionable People Churchill Strange Places, Questionable People Kitchen Confidential Strange Places, Questionable People Employee Relations Contemporary British Industrial Relations Exploring Corporate Strategy Purchasing Principles & Management Barbarians Led by Bill Gates The Decline and Rise of British Industry Turbo Strategy — 21 Powerful Ways to transform Your Business and Boost Your Profits Quickly Leading the Revolution Goldfinger — How Entrepreneurs Get Rich by Starting Small Putting It Across Your Total Image Back from the Brink Making It Happen Making It Happen Back from the Brink Twenty Centuries of British Industry Making It Happen Portrait in Oil Never Wrestle with a Pig and Ninety Other Ideas to Build Your Business and Career Good Business — Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning Growing a Business 100 Years of Banking in Asia and Africa — A History of National and Grindlays Bank Limited 1863-1963 The Economics of Strategy Second Edition Maverick!: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power Ethics and Profits — The Crisis of Confidence in American Business The Landscape Of Power Will You Please Listen I Have Something to Say Beyond the Limits — Global Collapse or a Sustainable Future The Next One Hundred Years Saving Planet Earth — What Is Destroying the Earth and What You Can Do To Help The Green Alternative — Guide to Good Living Poisoned Harvest Capitalism and the Historians The Pressures of Oil: A Strategy for Economic Revival 100 Years of Banking in Asia and Africa — A History of National and Grindlays Bank Limited 1863-1963 The Recovery of Europe: From Devestation to Unity The UK Economy — A Manual of Applied Economics Development of the British Economy, 1914-67 The UK Economy — A Manual of Applied Economics 100 Years of Banking in Asia and Africa — A History of National and Grindlays Bank Limited 1863-1963 The Production and Marketing of Pigs Hack Side Effects Hack Mamista Mamista Mamista MAMista The Human Situation Intern I, Said The Spy I, Said The Spy Side Effects Side Effects Deja Dead Deja Dead L .A. Times The Constant Star Twilight of Heroes Intern Mamista Mamista The Countries of North-Western Europe North America: A Regional Geography The Awakening World Israel — A First View Israel and the Nations The West — An Illustrated History Alistair Cooke's America A History of England — From the Coming of the English to 1918 A Short History of Australia Modern History England in the Nineteenth Century — 1815-1914 England in the Nineteenth Century — 1815-1914 Nathaniel's Nutmeg Nathaniel's Nutmeg Nathaniel's Nutmeg The West — The Making of the American West Nathaniel's Nutmeg England in the Nineteenth Century — 1815-1914 England in the Nineteenth Century — 1815-1914 Reformation To Industrial Revolution England in the Twentieth Century World Resources and Industries — A Functional Appraisal of the Availability of Agricultural and Industrial Resources Fatigue and Efficiency — A Study in Industry British Industry The Sovereign State: Secret History of ITT A Golden Adventure — The First 50 Years of Ultramar Churchill and the Admirals Absolute War — Soviet Russia in the Second World War Waterways The Nationalized Industries: An Introduction The Times Guide to the New British State — The Government Machine in the 1990s The Governance of Britain Italy — A Difficult Democracy — A Survey of Italian Politics Measure for Measure — Reforming the Trade Unions The Lean Years: Politics in the Age of Scarcity Fighting for Hope Trade Unions Under Capitalism Can Parliament Survive? Being in Love: Practice of Christian Prayer The Daily Service Prayer Book Prayers for the Future of Mankind — A Collection of Prayers from Many Religions Contemporary Parish Prayers Destined To Win — Hope For Christians Under Siege Don't Just Stand There...Pray Something!: Discover the Incredible Power of Intercessory Prayer The One Who Listens Gasmaking Environmental Chemistry Chemistry — The Conquest Of Materials Going for It! — How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur The Changing Anatomy of Britain Coming Out of the Kitchen — Women Beyond the Home The Changing Anatomy of Britain Culture and Society 1780-1950 Our Hidden Lives — The Remakable Diaries of Post-War Britain Contemporary France: Politics and Society Since 1945 Sociology Resisting McDonaldization Sociology Modernity And Its Futures Living Sociology — A Critical Introduction The Israelis — How They Live and Work New Zealand Sociology May 1997 Volume 12 No. 1 A New Introduction to Sociology The Complete A-Z Sociology Handbook Sociology — A New Appraoch The Sociology Of Modern Britain — An Introductory Reader Introductory Sociology Sociology The Sociology Of Modern Britain — An Introductory Reader Main Currents in Sociological Thought 2 Main Currents in Sociological Thought 1 Main Currents in Sociological Thought 1 Introducing Sociology Mamista Mamista Pennsylvania Alistair Cooke's America Talking Of Wales — A Companion to Wales and the Welsh Baedeker's Israel A Traveller's History of Spain The West

Owned and run by David Gower-Spence, this site also lists the books many other independent second hand book sellers from across the world. All of us, I am a dealer first and foremost with a small stock of around 30,000 secondhand books, are committed to providing the level of service that you would expect of professionals in the out of print and antiquarian book world.


The site offers secure ordering, of course, and you deal directly with the book seller to complete the transaction. Your questions regarding any book for sale can be directed to the dealer if you prefer. That contact is welcomed and can be made through the site. With a little fewer than half a million books here, you are not going to find every title listed of course.


That said, if it's here then you can rest assured of being in the good hands of our little band of brothers! Comments on the site, dealers and most things can be directed to me (using the contact us page) but please, don't mention politics, recession, bonuses or, indeed, quantitive easing!


I, personally, also keep around 4,000 books in my high street book shop, Fact or Fable, and if you're passing it's worth a visit!


As well as thousands of second hand and out of print books, I offer a range of bibliographies, book valuations(currently suspended due to other pressures), you can sell your books through the site if you're a dealer and a free book search service. You will also find a selection of links to other book related web sites.




Books Just Added

John Major the Autobiography ~ John Major
Submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1904-45 ~ Norman Polmar & Dorr B. Carpenter
The Hunts: A History of the Design, Development and Careers of the 86 Destroyers of This Class Built for the Royal and Allied Navies During World War II ~ John English
Afridi to Nizam: British Fleet Destroyers 1937-43 ~ John English
Das Buch Von Der Deutschen Flotte ~ Reinhold Werner
The Kellys: British J, K & N Class Destroyers of World War II ~ Christopher Langtree
British Battleships 1919-1939 ~ R. A. Burt
Submarines Volume I: Operations in Home, Northern and Atlantic Waters Including the Operations of Allied Submarines ~ Anon.

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